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Watched The Matrix.. I love 1999, everyone looks so gay

Also the movie still kinda holds up

"docker ps" but it's actually made for humans

alias dps='docker ps --format "{{\"\033[90m\"}} {{.ID}} {{\"\033[31m\"}}{{.Names}}{{\"\033[0m\"}} ({{.Status}}) {{\"\033[90m\"}}{{.Ports}}"'

Had to install Whatsapp again. Hopefully it doesn't do anything sketchy on my phone. But knowing facebook, it probably will. 😠

Still figuring out post privacy on Mastodon. Not really used to it, but I like the idea of only tweeting to followers.

I don't have Spotify Premium anymore. For over a decade, I got it for free through our ISP, but that offer has (finally) expired and now my premium is gone.

Switching to another service feels like a breath of fresh air, in a way. Trying Apple Music right now. Anyone have any other recommendations?

Went for a walk. I love finding “hidden” spots in the park. I’m not good at it, but here’s some


The worst nightmares are the ones that haunt your past. I was a very different person a decade ago, I don’t want to think back to that.

It's fun to read an artist's description of posted art in the image's alt text. Sometimes it reveals something about the art (or about the artist) that we might not even have considered!

Not gonna lie, I'm proud of myself whenever I get this

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I still love this track I made last year. Didn't get as much streams as I was hoping. But it's suuuuch a vibe~ :mastodance:

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Seen some cool Rubik's Cube cakes last night and I had to make one out of voxels. Have a piece guys!

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This is what's wrong with the tech industry. The expectation that one should give their free time *EVERY DAY* or you're somehow "not passionate".

My response to that would be fuck you and your shitty fucking culture.

My kids and family are FAR more important to me than your ridiculous expectations.

</rant> 🙃

My C/C++ prototyping build system randomly gained some traction on Hacker News this morning.. not sure why. I ended up pushing a few commits to it today to add a few more features, too.

The pier image really inspired this little lo-fi-ish piece. Not a visual sketch, but some music. 30 minutes can still be considered a "sketch", right? 😅

Just as I ask about this I realize there’s an update for the official app that adds a local feed! Good timing 😅

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What’s the best iOS app for mastodon right now? I’m trying the official one but it’s lacking some stuff like an audio player and local/federated feeds.

Some sound design practice. Mixdown isn't great, but it's kinda vibey.

Rant about gamers 

Some people seem to not understand that buying someone's product at $10 (and more often at a steep discount or even free) doesn't make the developer owe you lifelong dedicated support.

The amount of abuse I've gotten from people on Steam over the years.. 😞 makes me realize why platforms like Epic don't have (many?) community features.

Is Explore -> News on this site always supposed to be empty? I'm not sure how that works or what it's supposed to be.

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