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Music label rant 

Well that’s one of the demos I’ve sent being declined for.. no reason why 🤔 at least I got a response from this one, that’s more than I’ve received from some previous labels :P

I love the .art Mastodon instance tbh. I can just look at the local feed and look at all the cool art :artaww:

I got 3 outstanding demos sent out to music labels, let's see what happens 🤷‍♀️

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Alright, let's start a Trackmania community here at the Fediverse!

A few community members (e.g. @nachoqt + @codecat) have started making their switch to Mastodon so I feel like it's time to make ourselves seen!

Reply to this thread if you're in the Trackmania community. Whether you play TM (casually or competitively), a community creator, or just follow the game.


I make music! That's my art. Here's something nice and soft I made over the weekend!


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