"docker ps" but it's actually made for humans

alias dps='docker ps --format "{{\"\033[90m\"}} {{.ID}} {{\"\033[31m\"}}{{.Names}}{{\"\033[0m\"}} ({{.Status}}) {{\"\033[90m\"}}{{.Ports}}"'

Went for a walk. I love finding “hidden” spots in the park. I’m not good at it, but here’s some

Not gonna lie, I'm proud of myself whenever I get this

The pier image really inspired this little lo-fi-ish piece. Not a visual sketch, but some music. 30 minutes can still be considered a "sketch", right? 😅

Some sound design practice. Mixdown isn't great, but it's kinda vibey.

I make music! That's my art. Here's something nice and soft I made over the weekend!


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