What’s the best iOS app for mastodon right now? I’m trying the official one but it’s lacking some stuff like an audio player and local/federated feeds.

Just as I ask about this I realize there’s an update for the official app that adds a local feed! Good timing 😅

@codecat I'm not sure if this works the same on iPhone as Android, but just in case: the website is actually a 'web app' and after opening the URL in your browser, you can pin it to your home screen like an app. Hopefully that works in iOS, I've found that's my preferred way to view masto on the phone XD

@Curator that’s a good point, but I assume I’d be missing out on a lot of other features too like notifications

@codecat Dunno about best, but Tusky seems simple and effective. It has local and federated feed. Doesn't seem to autoscroll a feed though, but that may be a setting I have yet to find.

@codecat I use Toot. I don‘t know if can audio play. But it was local/ federated feeds. You can also follow other servers without having an account there. (Not sure if you could write there. X3 Did just try out to follow, but don‘t really have any other servers seen which I really want to follow.)

@codecat I’m using Tootle and it’s pretty full featured. Not missing anything important.

@codecat Oh wow. But where? I upgraded the app on my iphone but can't seem to find the local timeline?

@codecat Ohh, thanks, it would have taken me a while to find that...

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