Hey again! Been busy, but I have some more free time to post.
Here are some more pieces I made - they are all mockups of text mode games.
First is The Chaos Engine, second is Prey 2017 (as a dungeon crawler), third is Hades as an isometric roguelike, and last is Pokémon.
One thing I find interesting about PETSCII is drawing the line between what is readable or not, what works symbolically speaking or not, and how I can build meaning with what is quite blocky.

@ckelsallpxls The first mockup in particular makes me wish it was an actual game... I'm sure PETSCII was used for some games in the past, do you know of any that attempted higher-detail graphics with it?

@HuguesRoss I think you'd enjoy Digiloi by Dr. TerrorZ:
You've probably heard of PETSCII Robots, by The 8bit Guy:
There's also Monstro Giganto, by Pirates of Zanzibar:
These all stick to C64 restrictions/resolution, so not anything higher resolution from the little I know.

@NaHO Thanks! I'm glad you do. It's been a lot of fun working on C64 art!

@ckelsallpxls Immediately noticed Chaos Engine, these are awesome. I am just not familiar with Hades.

@ckelsallpxls I didn't play Prey, but your mock up looks like System Shock, in a good way of course.

@thedaemon Thanks! I've only played a System Shock 2 demo and Night Dive's System Shock demo. Prey does take some inspiration from those games!

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