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I thought I'd present myself (as a person and not as a prospective worker) a bit more in a pinned post.

I'm Chris/Christopher. I was born in 1992 in France to British parents. My pronouns are he/him.

I'm an artist and an educator. I love visual art, cooking, pets, electronics & videogames. I am curious, punny, introverted.

I'm actively involved in pixel art and demoscene communities.

Feel free to ask me anything or to chat with me, I'm always pleased when it happens.

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Hello! I've been making for since 2018.

I've worked on KaPaEnt's BuzzKill Zero, Wozzy Games's Plague Breaker, Studio Lintex's The Dead Prince, Philip Baumgart's Sweet Dreams Alex, and more recently Screenwave Media's Iron Meat.

I have also worked for VICE, as well as for Bitmap Books.

For more of my work, check out my links above!

For any inquiries, please DM me or send me an email! 🙂

Cover for a Game Boy chiptune EP, I did a few years ago. You can download the EP for "what you want" ( even 0 $ ) here:

“A Moment of Respite”, done for Pixeljoint's Weekly Challenge: A Feast for the Gods.
For a more detailed description and context about the piece, you can follow this link:

INPRNT has free shipping this weekend! (As usual If you'd like me to stick up any of my pieces that aren't there you can let me know)

EGA self portrait for Pixel Joint a while back. Was really fun working with stark colors of the EGA palette!

As soon as I find some time I want to go back to pixel art. When I made this I envisioned the kind of place I would like live in and spend the rest of my days.

Fanart I made for a game in development "cookie cutter" by an italian dev team, it's gonna be a metroidvania kind of game and I've been following the development for about a couple of years now. The art looks incredible and brutal. (there's a few gameplays on youtube) I will always give my money to indie developers and small studios over triple A titles and like 95% of the time I am pleasantly surprised. No regrets.


Arkane Lyon is looking for a visionary (wink) Lead Level Designer to collaborate with and I in shaping the future of our award winning LD team. Please reach out to me or ! Lyon preferred, remote considered, RTs and tagging appreciated!🧡🖤


@foervraengd ooh, hope its a good one!! Obligatory plugging-art-pals toot: if you get the chance, check out Adrian Malmgren, Olivia Skoglund and Andrea Udd, they're all extremely cool

A mockup, from a Metroid 2 Remake project I was involved in that never went anywhere ( not AM2R ) I left the project, because I was not feeling we were making enough progress for it to be feasable. I still do like the tiles I made for it, though.

eye contact, bright pastel colours 

Ter and Levi from my webtoon, Watching a Butterfly Hatch. i've been having fun with limited colours lately!

Thought I'd share some more I made for Redrawn (Johto Region). I decided to turn the Battle Tower into the Battle Frontier, which didn't exist back in Pokémon Crystal.
I followed Color hardware restrictions, may it be in screen size (the area is split into screen-sized portions), tile size, and palette.
It was quite challenging trying to fit the detail from the 3D DS designs.

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