Hey everyone! Sometimes the communities here on Mastodon can feel a little sparse, so let's fix that and make an artist thread where we can find each other, and let others find us too! Recommend me your fav artists here on Mastodon!

Check below for my own and others' recommendations! Post links to your friends, or promote your own art!

Then boost so everyone else can see them too!

My own recommendations are
@luphey - beautiful, beautiful pixel art
@martinmejak - really cool game dev art and beautiful sprites
@TQ - incredible abstract landscape art, beautiful colors
@sandforte - cute character illustrations
@3__54 - any artist who draws witches is good in my books
@julietteTaka - super sympathetic character illustrations

@cjamierun thank you for the recommendation that's super sweet of you!

@cjamierun You already mentioned @TQ, so I will just add my recommendation to yours.

In addition I'll mention that both @dona and @Cakechoz are amazing painters! My profile picture is a sketch by Dona.

Also, @welshpixie does beautiful mandalas and patterns.

And last but not least the open source mastodon of an entity that is @davidrevoy - what cats!


Let me see...

@AmkiTakk is new to the place! Lovely colorful characters!

@enoki could use some more love. Very nice characters!

@tiarael many studies and cute characters.

@ashenwave beautiful style and colors!

@Milly pretty and colorful creatures.

@dagseii beautiful characters and animals.

@znkd great animations and environments, and also a few pixel works!

@Dynline thank you for these suggestions!! I will definitely check these out, and hope everyone else does too!

@Dynline @cjamierun @enoki @ashenwave @Milly @dagseii @znkd

Ohhh thank you so very much <3 i will check out the other artists you linked :3

@cjamierun hah, just noticed in your reply you recommended @/3__54 already, sorry for the reddit lmao!

@Mirima It's okay to rec someone twice! There's no rules, just post recs!!

@cjamierun oh i forgot but @kaerhon 's art is also really pretty, she's currently doing MerMay and each of her piece is stunning!! 💖

@cjamierun This is a really good idea!

My recommendations would be @fefe , @anaisfae , @dona , @Catbat , @smbsy and @catkaiju - all incredibly talented and a delight to have on my timeline! Everyone else I was thinking of has already got a shout-out, some great folks in this thread :)

@cjamierun Hihi, I am a returning digital artist to the fediverse~ I like using lots of sparkles and pastels, mostly I draw lots of girls, flowers and cute things. ;w; 💖

@Sylvhem thank you for the recommendations! These are all very good!!

@cjamierun You’re welcome :). Several of them are professional artists.

@Sylvhem Thank you. So honored to be mentioned among all of these great artists 🤗.

@cjamierun I have commissioned multiple artworks from @scoots and find their work to be delightful.

A few recommendations:


And I'd like to throw my own hat in the ring :D I draw comics about pretty people and make games about pretty scenery.

@eishiya thank you for the shout-out! I thought someone had already mentioned you, your hat definitely belongs in the ring!

@tatterberry Someone mentioned me a little bit after I posted :'D Thank you for the vote of confidence though aaaa <3

@catherineese I love your characters and want more people to see them <3


I'm only a pro in the sense that once I got $50 and a desk chair that the client didn't want. But you can follow me anyway if you wanna'. :D

Let's add @Shyle
@julietteTaka ! 😃

I also draw cute pandas 🐼 , and will soon make music videos 🙂

@cjamierun this is a great idea!

also lil reminder that #mastoart is the de facto art tag here on the fedi, and it's worth checking, or pinning to a tab to keep track of people posting artwork on there!


(if anyone wants to be removed, just tell me so)

@katnjia - I make pixel meepmorps once and a while (but I mostly shitpost)
@namtari - Amazing singer, also admin of
@eve - (NSFW) Makes really amazing lewd furry art :blobcatjava:
@mauve - Game dev and pixel artist
@crowlad - Takes and makes pretty pictures
@Trashbang - Makes cool video-game maps
@maruki - Their pixel art is just aaa~ :blobblush:

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