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Hi! It's been a while since I drew Remilia from Touhou Project. :>

I really like how the coloring turned out!

my hot utena analysis is that the castle represents the safety of love, and it's upside down, because... you know

✨ IDK WHAT TO MAKE will be a free pdf zine, and i am looking for submissions! ✨

i am imagining this zine as a survival guide for anyone who wants to make something but can’t figure out what. it will be divided into sections and i would love to fill it with as much inspiration as possible!

please send submissions to with the subject “IDK ZINE SUBMISSION” by june 30th. be sure to include how you want to be credited.

see this thread for more info, and please boost! 🖤

Hello! I’m Kogawa, from japan. I’m trying out mastodon.
My interest is mainly Animation staging.
I do illustration a little too.
I don’t speak english that good(I don’t write too), but I can understand basic english.
Since my native tongue is Japanese.
I’m not talkative, and I’m don’t do SNS full time, but I’m looking forward to get inspired!

Hello! First post here~
You can call me Goo. I draw comics and my OCs a lot. Here's some of my works.
Nice to meet you! 😊

I was feeling a little guilty over not doing much work today on account of a headache, but then it intensified into the worst migraine of my life so now I don't feel guilty at all, silver lining I guess

I needed to do work today but I'm just in headache country ;-;

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