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awesome database of visual setting references; it's kind of fascinating to look at how people visualized locations and scenes before photography (especially contemporary photography as a mass media) shaped perception.

*scribbles an entire page of low-quality pen doodles*
me: hmm what if I try and draw this guy in pencil
this: exists

And the is done. Didn't bother cleaning up/fixing the sketch because I've spent too much time on it already, but hey, progress.

I'm going to get like 5 hours of sleep but here's a very blurry

Now that I'm finally coloring things... the same pic looks slightly different on my laptop and my phone and it's bothering me >.>

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Free photos alert!

I'm generally planning on moving away from dA at some time in the future but I want to make you aware that all of my photos are now CC0, even if they are marked otherwise (dA mass editing is a pain). If you do use them I'd love seeing what you create!

Any photos from 2018 I also have the RAW and TIFF files for and am willing to provide those on request. Alas all the older stuff was lost in a hard drive fire.

Sketch from a few days ago. I want to get back into drawing but my house is colddd


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