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close-up shots and the full background before i had to cover everything, haha

@cirquecarte I need to draw one of those kinds of cases for a comic of mine (from a different angle though). I'll have to keep your simplification in mind when I do because I tend to get bogged down in all the 3D details and that's why I'm in

@AesAthena oh i'm glad that my simplification worked! it's definitely trickier than one would think. i highly recommend trying out a 3D program like google sketchup, it helped me a lot for this piece!

@heri haha, that's a big complement, thank you!!

This is so cute and lively.
Lovely colours too.

@cirquecarte this is utterly charming – there's so nuch life & colour, but it all feels totally cohesive & balanced, amazing work!