Went to for my birthday, brought my postcards for some art-drops.

I've never done this before, it was kinda nerve-wracking, but I didn't get in trouble with any Stormtroopers.

I've heard back from people who found some on Twitter, I hope they all got good homes!

Almost forgot to post here: The Batuu postcards are back from the printshop. Now I need to look into platforms to sell them on.

"Field research is difficult under these circumstances."

(More for my quasi-post- apocalypse / AU)

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it has been a full year since i have drawn anything remotely original.png

am i cool yet?

not often i use that last tag lol it will not become a habit keep that in mind

"Due to recent events, it is in our company's best interest to reacquire any and all assets, including those that are protected, legally owned, or unsupervised."

( for my quasi-post- apocalypse / AU)

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Been a while since I posted my art on any site that wasn't discord, so here's a doodle of my avater on pantheon!

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@circuit_tron I like to imagine that Nebula likes to collect Happy Meal toys.

but she'll never admit to it. And, if she has to, it's research on earth children.

Nebula and Rocket Raccoon Eat McDonald's - Because I like to imagine they had some lunches on Earth, going to all the places Quill used to talk about, in between doing Avengers-crap.

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first #mermay piece done. it's my green moray eel lady, and now she has a name: Sargassa


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