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@circuit_tron I like to imagine that Nebula likes to collect Happy Meal toys.

but she'll never admit to it. And, if she has to, it's research on earth children.

Nebula and Rocket Raccoon Eat McDonald's - Because I like to imagine they had some lunches on Earth, going to all the places Quill used to talk about, in between doing Avengers-crap.

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first #mermay piece done. it's my green moray eel lady, and now she has a name: Sargassa


costume pipe-dream - part 4 (and the last part, for now) - One friend goes as the scoundrel archetype.

Entertaining a pipe-dream where me and my friends dress up as original "Star Wars" concepts for a convention - Part 1 - I go as the Sith archetype.

Replayed "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon" recently, and it reacquainted me with my deep desire to do a bombastic 80's love-letter.

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I'm excited to be able to share my work (or work in progress) so I decided to upload a second album. #CreativeCommons so people can remix and sample whatever they want of all 71 .ogg sound and music files. #MastoArt #chiptune #music #GameDev


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