Hi there, folks! My name’s Robyn! (She/Her)

I tend to go by Cinnabyn online because, bite me, I think it’s cute ✨

I’m a games art student who focuses on 3D modelling and I’m always learning new stuff! I’m also bad at describing myself, apparently 😅

Please feel free to shoot me a message if you’d like to chat! It’s great to be here!! 💖✨

@genderfaerie @Snuggle yeah 😔 ultimately, ADHD beat me. Not enough stimulation, she took my phone and made an account ;-;

@cinnabyn @genderfaerie I did not take your phone, you made an account under your own volition!

@Snuggle @genderfaerie of course! It was my volition to not hold onto my phone tightly enough :)

@cinnabyn welcome here! I hope you have a lovely time on the fediverse 🙂

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