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Hi all, I'm new so here's my / .

I'm a 26 year old who specializes in digital and . I like drawing weird plants and environments. I tend to spend hours painting the same details over and over again with tiny brushes.

The creative world can be pretty tough so I'm looking forward to hanging out with you all and helping each other survive/grow.

Sorry about the redraft, I noticed a sentence error and it bothered me.

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The finished little hammer, ready for another 100 years of use if well taken care of.

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Towercrawl Tactics cover.
A #commission for Kronsa (Kronikle) and for project
A month of work, and finally!
God bless those clients, who give so interesting tasks, where you can grow up! I so much love this work!
#AlisaJArt #art #mastoart #pixelart #illustration #fantasy #indiedev #indiegame

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Day 2
Another 30 min or so.
I sure hope to push it into direction of Piotr Jabłoński's paintings, he's one of my favorite digital painters. I still have one day left.

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Rather minimalist ir-landscapes which might look good as wallpapers. Different hues and compositions. Have fun.

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8"x10" on mixed media wood panel. I used tattoo paper to transfer my digital work on to a wooden board and painted over some parts. Here are the results!

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Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know! #art #illustration #mastoart

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Another set of the #pleinairpril challenge, by the way all of these are on coasters, some wood and some cardboard, will do an exclusive for Mastodon friends sale at the end of the month, if you know someone that is interested on these let them know.

#mastoart #art #painting

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Hello @Curator and all the Fediverse, I’m a French musician doing electroneiric songs and faery neofolk. My music is inspired by symbolism, fantasy and aestheticism. I write, compose, record, mix and craft myself the discs that I release in careful and limited editions. Enjoy listening!

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The Shapeshifter, a cute animation that was frustrating to make but I really like! I really wish I had more time for stuff like this.

Also does anyone have advice on how to reach out to writers or good writing communities? I'd really love to do some small collabs of illustrated short stories/poems.

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Sharing a list of online bookstores I know about so you don't have to buy from Amazon or B&N (EXPAND) 

McSweeney’s, independent nonprofit publishing company

Detritus Books

Firestorm Coop, collectively-owned radical bookstore

AK Press, worker-run, collectively-managed, anarchist publishing and distribution

Thriftbooks, huge independent bookseller, sells new and used books for good prices

Fellow Traveler, bookstore owned and operated by Listen Left Audiobooks

Small Beer Press, publisher of fantasy and literary fiction

Left Wing Books, publisher and distributor of radical books and pamphlets

Bookshop⁣.org, online bookstore with a mission to support local bookstores

#book #books #bookstore #online #boycottamazon #indie #independant

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More ice crystals. These are 2-3 cm long each, formed on a marshy meadow near a river over night.

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TX mutual aid 

Sharing #MutualAid resources for the state of #Texas

Funky Town Fridge is a community fridge project that aims to combat hunger, empower our communities, reduce food waste, and educate the city of #FortWorth

Some of my illustrations from about a yearish after I graduated art school. Although I had some great profs, I feel like I grew the most when I started working on things at my own pace.

CW: Substances/mental health

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Jenaro Valverde Marín Building - ink 3 (darks)

(Portrait format - click to see full drawing)

One, maybe two more ink passes and I'm done. Really happy with it so far.

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I'll do some poking around myself but if anyone wants to point me in the direction of someone who can design logos (not for free! I have some savings unofficially set aside for this kind of investment!), I'd appreciate it!

I need a little more pizazz on my professional pages but graphic design was the one thing I literally never did in my art class days.

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Time stands still as an entity appears and queries your knowledge of various symbols and meanings. Despite their obvious power, they seem anxious — like a lost stranger asking for directions.

Inquiry II

Another rough vs. final of mine.

Based on The Wind Feels Loss by Daniel Whigham. I don't know why I changed the pose slightly because now that I look back on it I kind of like the other one better?

Regardless, I had a lot of fun drawing all the ghostly goats.

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