cool emojo, you should upload it to the internets


no, I was just being silly! (but a Compaq emoja based on the angle in the first image would be pretty cool ^_^ )

@sydneyfalk oh, I see, thank you! (😓 sorry I’m not the best with humor online)

@sydneyfalk But I don’t dislike it! I just can’t always read between the lines.


(and it'd be fine if you didn't like it, too! comedy's like everything else, it's subjective, etc. etc.)


no no, no worries ^_^ I make very oblique, obscure, or obtuse jokes on the regular

@ciara Whoa, you art really has flair and style, I like it! Would you be ok if I posted about this on the birdsite?

@Kensan Absolutely, thank you so much! Let me know when you post, I'd like to see it!

@Kensan Ah, I appreciate that! It’s a nice tweet.

@ciara Looking at the response it got, people certainly like the images!

@Kensan Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that! Thanks again, I appreciate it!

@ciara Well, the attention is well deserved because as ai said, the images have a really cool atmosphere I like. Guess that’s what happens when somebody with a lot of followers agrees with that sentiment ;)

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