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📣 📣 Just want to announce my current project: lyla, a tiny game about college. I'm working on the art for this game while I finish music for Picky Pumpkins.

Also, I recently lost some patrons and it would be great to get support from the community! I make pixel art, voxel art, and tiny games. My goal is to release two finished games a year.

Thank you!

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Just a little preview of a much larger piece I'm working on for my next game: lyla.

#mastoart #magicavoxel #gamedev

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🎃 Picky Pumpkins is going to be my first published game of 2019! It's very basic, but it's a great learning project.

#mastoart #madewithunity

Ah, got started late again due to some technical difficulties, but if you’d like to chill with me while I work on modeling the Toshiba T3100e in MagicaVoxel, I’ll be around for another three and a half hours!

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I now understand why my Grandma wore her hair in a bun at all times.

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Hello. My name's Ciara, and I think it's time I introduced myself. I'm a pixel artist, voxel artist, game developer (working on it), and homemaker. Recently, I finished this voxel model of an Apple Lisa II.

I've been on Mastodon for a pretty long time, but I've only just recently started being more active and open. I also hang out at and and

Looking forward to getting to know more of you. 🐻


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