Streaming of Tracer. Game has pretty much taken over my life, but I still want to draw so might as well draw Overwatch stuff.

Been listening/watching Stephen SIlver's Art Talk and I've been really enjoying it. Great for the commute and something to listen to while sketching. Podcast is about his perspective on and his personal journey.

Finally finished this. Yeeeeah. "Finished". I'm ready for the next thing.

What I'm working on right now. Kind of liked the way it looks.

Lilo and Stitch dressed as characters from ALIEN.

Digital painting of Hornet from Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight. I have a list of characters I want to do, but at this rate it’ll take me an eon to finish. Also there’s those dlc that have been released which I haven’t played yet, so I don’t even know if there’s more characters I’ll like.

Fanart of a game I haven't played yet, so I might have gotten a lot of things wrong. Did this on my twitch livestream.

Will be archiving select twitch streams. Mostly the drawing streams and maybe a few of my gaming ones as well.

Sketching up some ideas of Ballistic Overkill to be used as thumbnail art for twitch.

Computer crashed on me while streaming. Better luck tomorrorw.

Welp. Streams over and I'm still not done with the God Tamer pic. It'll be done when it's done I guess.

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