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Meàdrha Kristofèis to all subjects from your Hegèmon! May the flames in your hearth be bright and the Yule bear joyous gifts to your home this night!

I'm recovering and rediscovering a mild musical talent I never knew I had.... This is part two of the I have been working on. I try to keep simple, memorable themes and ideas, my friends. We are trying to get our , our , and our stuck in people's heads. Everything we create is a part of that. With The Empyraeum Cycle, I'm trying to create an IP Universe, a brand, an enduring idea. I think this is vital on these competitive times...

So I did a thing....I've had this in my head for days; just these opening bars. All I have is midi software and I had to record it before I forgot it!

Irish, Greek, and something else inspired me so I'll try and throw together some more and make a real song out of this!

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