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I'm recovering and rediscovering a mild musical talent I never knew I had.... This is part two of the I have been working on. I try to keep simple, memorable themes and ideas, my friends. We are trying to get our , our , and our stuck in people's heads. Everything we create is a part of that. With The Empyraeum Cycle, I'm trying to create an IP Universe, a brand, an enduring idea. I think this is vital on these competitive times...

So I did a thing....I've had this in my head for days; just these opening bars. All I have is midi software and I had to record it before I forgot it!

Irish, Greek, and something else inspired me so I'll try and throw together some more and make a real song out of this!

The Harpy-Fury is another epibatoi/goblin innovation; designed as an atmospheric superiority craft it carries anti-armour and anti-personnel weaponry aplenty

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