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The "Tree of Pain"; true horror awaits Alexander and his troops as the board a lost Cruiser.  Who did this, why, and how? Something boarded a cruiser full if Kalshodar and epibatoi, as well as Navy armsmen and...slaughtered them before committing unthinkable desecration upon their remains...a Tree of living crystal that drinks their blood and life...

Voidspace; seen as no citizen of the Empyreaum has ever seen it...

**For best results must be seen at high resolution. Move head left to right and notice the twisted geometry! Do not stare for too long...ideally seen on a PC monitor or tablet...***

The "City of Pilots", home to the College that produces these enigmatic individuals without whom safe interhelion travel would be much more dangerous...this footage was sent anonymously. No indication of the planet's location has been found. The Hidden College shall remain so for now.

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