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Ship's Pilots are a rare and unsettling breed but are essential for safe Void travel though few know it.

Genetically altered from birth, surgically blinded in adolescence, and possessed of heavy cybernetic augmentation, graduates of the Pilot's College are privy to very secret knowledge regarding the Voidgate network and the very medium that it traverses.

Empyraeum video Blog Episode One on worldbuilding; language. How to immerse readers completely in your world and build it well

Chapter One : World Buiding. Episode One: language

The Moon. No-one knows who built the ring or the tunnels, we just found them and put them to good use. That's not all we found either...

Prometheus Company have a dark and bloody history and not just on the battlefield. One hundred were vivisected and murdered so that The Council could unlock the secrets of their DNA and create their own superior soldiers. Dozens more volunteers died during testing while others had to be euthenised.

A Keeper or operative of the Union's secret religious police force approaches a 'suspect'...

The Union is a government to which individuality not seen as favourable for the citizenry to display. Built upon a rather strict interpretation of Jeshua the Kristoman's teachings, there are many opportunities for citizens to come to the attention of the Keepers.

A patrol flier of the "Keepers" or Union Police Force of Earth.

A light, one officer vehicle, this flier is designed for suspect pursuit and mobile fire support for Keepers on the ground. Its single rotary cannon can fire normal kinetic, smoke, or gas rounds.

You've heard Her spoken of and here she is; THE Dragon!

She is currently on the lower port embarcation deck of the Spear of Vengeance, Lupernikes cruiser which left the Dragon's Crown to take her...somewhere...only Lupernikes and Alexander know. Somewhere safe?

She is the very last living dragon in existence, after all, as well as mother to them all.

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