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Thought to make a new one to let people know me more by. 😀

I am born and bred in the Olympic city of Norway, Lillehammer. I am 22 years old.

I really like paleo-art, psychedelic music and films. Holy Mountain is my favorite film ever.

I bicycle a lot and was at one point a competitive swimmer when I was younger.

As well as doing illustration i work as a community worker a few hours a week where I work with people with disabilities

ooh cool artist ill follow them *clicks artists profile and realizes im already following them* ooh cool artist ill follow them *clicks artists profile and realizes im already following them* ooh cool artist ill follow them *clicks artists profile and realizes im already following them* ooh cool artist ill fo

Hey everyone, my wife and I are starting a new side project shooting reference photos for creators. You can check them out at

There's tons of free stuff as well as our first paid pack. All proceeds will go back into funding more cool shoots like this one.

Thanks for being awesome. <3

If you're using #Mastodon on a laptop or desktop computer, you might want to know about its many keyboard shortcuts ⌨️

Click on the "Getting Started" tab, then click on "Hotkeys" link at the bottom. This will give you a complete list of shortcuts.


Has anyone thought of creating a decentralised, federated online market place, as an Ebay replacement?

Could be really useful for everyone, and particularly for those selling artwork etc.

#Fediverse #Ebay #ShowerThoughts #MastoArt

Added "Sense of Flying" (2010), you can watch it here:

Short documentary about a Norwegian who jumps into fjords using a wingsuit.

#SenseOfFlying #WingSuit #BaseJumping #Documentary #Documentaries #Film #ShortFilms #Norway #2010s

my friend said she was gonna pour my milk out if i didn't paint this so I slapped some colour on because there's a lot of milk in my fridge

Hey friends, does anyone have experience doing a patreon/support based art career using Ko-Fi? I'm intrigued by the potential of Ko-Fi, but uncertain as to how to use it. Anyone have experience or advice/ideas? Would love any and all input. :)


A lot of people use Kevin MacLeod on videos because his music is all available under CC By (and he specifically says commercial use is ok including monetised videos).

I don't know if this is exactly what you want though as it's usually used for background or title music:

I decided to make a blog. And also decied to make it on tumblr (I know the irony of doing it when ppl are leaving but oh well). Link you are intrested to cheack it out:

Commission I did for a friend who wanted a warm-toned landscape. #illustration #art #original

Those pics in the speech bubble is many year old memes from the server and are emotes today.

Somebody told me about linux today so I’m burning an install disk.

Not sure how this is supposed to work but it sure is pretty 😍

One leader figure from my story giving orders to a giant that is kept secret from most.

#art #mastoart

this website is by far the best online community I've ever been in, thank you fediverse for being amazing

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