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Finally I can say this is somewhat finished, been thinking about this one for a long time. 😅

I also want to thank my Patreons supporting me to strive forward!

Welcome to the country of Mastedonia Wad! Here got some community info and a little-bit about the UI @WadWizard

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I built a head-mounted LiDAR array that lets you see the world like a dolphin through vibrations sent through you jaw.

Bonus: you look absolutely ridiculous wearing it.

Hey mastodon people I'm new here, and I like drawing environments. I also like the band mastodon so I'm obviously meant to be here.

I aspire to be a concept artist one day.

I mostly spend my time drilling fundamentals, trying to get better.

I've been drawing/painting since about 2014 but I never really took it seriously(doing all the not so fun practice) until this year.

Here is some of my art.

and I was told to put:

See ya around.

Eyyy, Amir! Now you have entered Mastodonia, here is some community info 😎


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When your DeviantArt Sonic OC come to life 😂 😅 😂

For now I will include it in the FLOSS-creation page.

Is fully discontinued?

Seems like they haven't updated it since 2016. 😥

I feel like a simple drawing/painting program for low-end machines has a place in the world. 🤔

Big FLOSS-creation update today boys!

Still more work to be done as currently most of the pages are just lists of software, I'm planning to have more information and stuff in the future. But for now it should be sufficient.

If you don't know what it is: FLOSS-Creation is a resource for creators making art, videos and music with free, libre & open-source software.

Make sure to support me on Patreon if you like the work I do! 😁

T a g s d o n' t m a t t e r o n Y o u T u b e a n y m o r e . . .

Some fresh art of my werewolf, still tying to get in the habit of having an account here too

The majority of y/our server’s cost spreading your art here is funded via & since [Liberapay offers no solution in the near/short/long term while they work out not being able to accept payments] we’re left with Patreon & - please switch your recurring donations back or alter your payments. Your support of y/our home here on • 🎨 is appreciated. Thank you.

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So @ChrisTalleras has been bothering me for months to make a mastadon and here I am now...

I'm just an artist who wants to become a concept artist in the gaming industry or illustrator. I love making character designs and mechanical stuff so I draw mostly cyborgs and such .

an exmaple of my work.