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Christoffer B. Tallerås

Sometimes I wish you could edit toots, but I am glad you can't. 😂

Here he is at last. Been wanting to fix it to make it good enough impress you guys but by now there has went so much time with little happening that I'll post him like is. I'll probably make more Mastodons, pretty fun creature to make. 😆 💪 🤠

First thing after installing Xubuntu on the computer is wanting proper shortcuts. Luckily you can make new ones pretty easily, but I gotta figure out how I can tie certain things like home and stuff to a shortcut. 🤔

Ergh, the grub bootloader always fails to install. It's such a pain! 😢

adding shitton of weapons to my pinterest inspo boards so have some more
Yataghan from court of the Suleyman the Magnificient, XVI century
have you ever seen a blade so beautiful youve started to cry? Now you have.

Polish sabre with scabbard, looks like a cavalry sabre to me, early 17th century. Look at this false edge!
Sabres are cool, everyone should have one. I will buy myself a sabre one day.

Would be neat if PeerTube had their explanation video in English or subtitled for non french speakers heheh 😅

Just made a backup account in case anything happens in the future. Should have done this before.😅

You can find it @christalleras

It's not that I think is unstable or that anything will happen, just good to be ready in case something happens. 👍 😉

Crap. The farms have started to fertilize the fields so now it smells like crap litterally everywhere, can't escape it. 😅

CW for non-cute zombies

Hello, you all! I'm sorry that I missed out the last days. Here's the reason why. I'm turning this into a full fledged artwork for an artbook right now. And it takes time, but so worth it!

Happy consitution day Norway! 🇳🇴 🙌 💪 🤠

It's 17th of May, happy birbday Norway! I changed my profile pic to fit! 🇳🇴

@ChrisTalleras admit it, you're building a second sofastrangler!

Cool to have so many participants in the THUNDERDOME. Results and the topic for the next round will be up Wednesday the 16th. Good luck to anyone participating. 💪 🤠 🙌