Hey I'm Chris, I work as a 2D games artist and illustrator. In my spare time I love drawing for my own fantasy world.

Bit of a shame, the first 2 images aren't displaying correctly! I'll have a look into it later.

@chrislewislee Wow, very nice illustrations! I like the colors and the light. :amaze:

It makes me think of the universe of the french comic Donjon (from where my avatar comes from).

Welcome here!

@roipoussiere Thanks! I've always wanted to read it but I don't know French well enough!

Wow, these illustrations look wonderful! Love the colours and the lighting :blobcatheart:

@chrislewislee Hey, big fan of your art on twitter and now here too. =D

@chrislewislee how so? They look good to me. I have seen delays with image loading or fully loading with Mastadon

@darjr I think they're just too saturated, I might have uploaded ones with the wrong colour profile!

@chrislewislee Thanks for being here and for sharing your art.

Mastodon is more and more populated with incredibly talented artists, I love it!

@chrislewislee are any of those games I could purchase today?

@zbrown nothing released that's hugely me, but there's games like Risk, No Way home, Dragon Caffi that I worked on.

@chrislewislee holy moly! This is some real cool stuff. Thank you for sharing!

@chrislewislee These are marvelous! Does the character have a name?

@projjalm Just finished freelance work for the day, and decided to play test one of the games I'm currently working on. How about you?

@chrislewislee Nothing too special here 😪 ...
Just practised my daily dose of math and now going to bed. Good night! 🌃

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