That default aggio pen really hits different. I love the pixelated look it has. I wonder if I can do something similar on CSP/Sai

Shit I forgot to mention, second and third pictures are of some firends OCs. Misodera's unnamed character (2), and Lotus's Basil (3)

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I made a new #OpenBSD project named obsdfreqd, a CPU frequency scheduler that works in userland because I'm not really happy with the current one

And after not making anything even remotely presentable for almost two months, I bring you... Another bunny with knives. I dunno I just like the concept/pose

A quick animation test on , been thinking about getting into animation for a while

Finally, a commission that didn't end i me drawing for 2 hours and then just receiving a "nice" in return

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I am positive that this platform won't do me any favors, but I'm announcing it anyway: Senhyakkin Chapter 10 is out. Hip hip hurray.

Go read it here:

Or from the beginning:

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going strong day 2
"Oh no who was doing horrible experiments to this poor creature" but what a fool you are, he did this to himself and he loves it, the absolute little freak

I wanted to draw Roxanne but I ended up drawing Xenia... me likey either way

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