During my “down time” from art I really want to do some studies. Like trying to diversifying my faces and body types but honestly I don’t know where on earth to start looking for references /shrugs forever.

@chevellisan Senshistock on devianrart has a really nice array of models you can practice from, with different genders and body types! I always recommend them.

If you don't mind nudity, Croquis Cafe on youtube is a fantastic reference for figure drawing.

@chevellisan Hope it's okay to jump up with some suggestions!

Line-of-Action has some good face refs doing different expressions! They're also formatted in a more typical "life drawing" class session, so each image is on a timer (you can customize this, OR pause it, if you want)

There's also this youtube channel that also simulates life drawing classes, with various models! (
Be warned that the videos are NSFW due to nudity!

@chevellisan In addition to those - there's also this real neat tumblr for various faces! One thing I've seen people do is randomize a post and draw whatever face they get :0c

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