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Finishing anything has been so hard recently so have some sketches/concepts.

~Honey~. Also sorry for the lack of art, I've been in a bit of a slump.

A super cute half-elf named Poe! She belongs to @BlinkAnjell01 on twitter.

Hello my name is Ashley and all I draw are girls with horns.

Saw this cute girl on twitter and wanted to do some fanart of her. She belongs to DONDORORORO on twitter.

I cut my paladin's iconic locks for the first time since WotLK. I haven't been able to log on yet lmao.

For as long as I've had her I don't think I've ever drawn my shitty warrior.

Fatima the Dragon Mage. Or as I like to call her "that one girl from that one random drawing "

Hey look it's another cat girl I'll draw a bunch and never name lmao.

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Hi im jaci and im a freelancer who likes frogs and girls who could crush me

I'm still not sure if I want my style to be semi realistic or if I want it to be lowkey anime lmaoooo.

Took a break from art for awhile because I was so ungodly burnt out from it. So have another one of my mages while I slowly get back into the groove of doing things

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