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Hey look it's another cat girl I'll draw a bunch and never name lmao.

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Hi im jaci and im a freelancer who likes frogs and girls who could crush me

It's been awhile since Fleur made an appearance.

I'm still not sure if I want my style to be semi realistic or if I want it to be lowkey anime lmaoooo.

Took a break from art for awhile because I was so ungodly burnt out from it. So have another one of my mages while I slowly get back into the groove of doing things

I saw that belves will get golden eyes in BfA and you better believe I'm going to hop on that train.

Hello my name is Ashley and I really love drawing girls with horns on the same boring gray background.

Fleur and friends exploring some ruins that totally didn't take me months to finish lmao.

I've really been trying to incorporate backgrounds into my things. Not great but it's something.

I really wish blizz would give warpaint options to the female trolls. Whatever right? I can draw my druid with all the paint I want lmaoo

I also neglected to mention I'm on twitter too! Although it's pretty much.. the same art I put here.. but on twitter!

My other paladin, a grumpy old man who's tired of the legion.

A chill doodle of my paladin. I tried not putting too much detail in this one.

Whenever I don't know what to draw or I need to warm up I doodle a bunch of myself.

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Been trying to force myself to to something art related. Been working on this girl for like 3 days, which is the longest it's ever taken me to do a character. Maybe I should try to take a break from drawing before I get too burnt out...