I'd like to mention askagamedev.tumblr.com/
again, in an effort to combat misinformation about being a gamedev. In blog format questions can be answered with more naunce and weight.

Yes mobile makes hella bank but they don't pay artists well, unfortunately.

ive ingested a lot of sodium today and i suppose it suits the event

I am everything. We need a special poutine version, stat. I had fried chicken poutine today and it's delicious

lmao people are now using portfolio day for... stocks?!

... let's interview some Japanese animators who worked on boruto/ BNA because those are some of the more recent quality fight scenes that people recognise. with imaginary wtf stuff.

No name has the best satirical branding I've seen in a while

I forgot Twice is gonna do something with K/DA. the flex. 😂

bought pokebowl + apple pie because. treat yourself everyone. food is therapy

brb everyday I find more armchair experts and company ceo simps to block

The pushback against devs who support QA against armchair experts is amazing. Thanks, I hate it. More to block

Hi !
I'm Jess and a a Senior Concept artist currently interested in some freelance!

Thanks for looking and sharing :D

Art: artstation.com/chengeling


barbie is more progressive than most mainstream media

LRT: what's the point?? either help them or leave them alone; they aren't the main cause of spreading this

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