@chengeling Is doing hardbrush studies like eating your vegetables -- kinda not what you think you wanna be doing, but actually great for you when you start doing it?


@AesAthena to an extent yeah. The main idea is to train your eye to recognise colours/values/ shapes without resorting to blending. It's similar to using gouache to paint bc you cannot blend in gouache. When you do this also dont colour pick.. That's just lying to yourself.

So a person asked about hardbrush studies - these are my thoughts on it here. It's a type of practice I would recommend for a more technical type of training if you're interested in getting better at recognising values, colours and mood without mushing your painting. Use good references - avoid photos that are too saturated or clearly edited. Movie / show cinematography tend to be better because you can recognise the mood they are going for, colour choices and also composition

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