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Caffienation I persevere

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mmm, part of an project that still needs lots of work. It's on shelf for now, will continue it later because there is a need to focus on different subject matter for now.

I'm not good at finishing projects unless they're for work, but I'm trying to make it a long term goal of mine to reasonably complete a small world of concepts on their own.

Sorting through pictures and I don't remember if I visited some places or not...

I miss travelling in the winter. This was taken with a not so good cam, but I remember the feel of this place!

FFXIV raid/bosses guides: Mechanics, mechanics, mechanics. :D

Just wanna say, hi new followers! Enjoy your stay!

im tired and dead. how the hell did i do 4-6 hours of sleep for months on end... it's ridiculous. Night all

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Be healthy, prosperous and all the good stuff. For people who get to eat goodies, please eat more for me!

just something roundish and easy to get the hang of things

Practice at lunch, some slight detailing at home. Doom theme

Need to refocus mindset to be more positive and reinforcing.

Have to remember to keep big picture in mind... big picture and detail balancing ><