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I finished this mini project on the last day of the year :D

I've compiled all the drawings I did during Scotland travels in a zine and it's free for a week if you wanna grab it.
A little happy new year freebie for a better 2019!

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I haven't done anything for halloween, but inprnt is having some deals!
Code TREAT10 for 10% off and free shipping

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@AesAthena to an extent yeah. The main idea is to train your eye to recognise colours/values/ shapes without resorting to blending. It's similar to using gouache to paint bc you cannot blend in gouache. When you do this also dont colour pick.. That's just lying to yourself.

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mmm, part of an project that still needs lots of work. It's on shelf for now, will continue it later because there is a need to focus on different subject matter for now.

I'm not good at finishing projects unless they're for work, but I'm trying to make it a long term goal of mine to reasonably complete a small world of concepts on their own.

my parents are finally using n/etflix oh how the tide has turned haha!

sorry pogo, if you think I'd venture outside in this pandemic think again

parents have been reading fb news and it's Terrible. I think I have to go in there and block them from reading rubbish

lmao so a section near the door is leaking????? great

Also why am I paying for an OPUS monthly subscription if I'm not even going out

Banks are such bullshit : we're here to personally assure you to keep on with your long term saving plans and offer no credit relief for those who might need it.

are people panic buying nintendo switches??? Literally all gone in the last minute (helping a friend to look), must be for animal crossing

Essential businesses "Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) and Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC)"

game devs be looking like:

What am I saying, we already look like this at home

It's illegal for everyone to commit insider trading but not senators/ members of congress?? Get thrown into jail and confiscate their money gdi

bae doona with the series's most ridiculous escape +50 fire resistance

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