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I haven't done anything for halloween, but inprnt is having some deals!
Code TREAT10 for 10% off and free shipping

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@AesAthena to an extent yeah. The main idea is to train your eye to recognise colours/values/ shapes without resorting to blending. It's similar to using gouache to paint bc you cannot blend in gouache. When you do this also dont colour pick.. That's just lying to yourself.

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mmm, part of an project that still needs lots of work. It's on shelf for now, will continue it later because there is a need to focus on different subject matter for now.

I'm not good at finishing projects unless they're for work, but I'm trying to make it a long term goal of mine to reasonably complete a small world of concepts on their own.

Rewatching LoTR.. Elrond has the most anime eyebrows I've ever seen

watching mince pies on British Bake off and missing the pies I had in Scotland .....

Amy hennig getting lifetime achievement award.. Props. Need more visible women.

'The most important thing you can do is know your own salt' - also life truths

I really don't understand why someone would need the best parts for a rig to play a game. After a certain point it just seems like bad choices being made

I really prefer avocado when it's been cooked with something

RT Did a quick piece here for instagram charity!
Part of the sale will go towards wilderness society!


sometimes the worst insult i can think of someone is that they are utterly, and perpetually, mediocre.

Did a quick piece here for instagram charity!
Part of the sale will go towards wilderness society!

Final sale of the year! 30% off from Dec9th -11th!
If you're looking to grab some cool looking tshirts as presents, check it out.

RTs appreciated as always!

RT Now THIS is a money move: Shonen Jump has gone free-to-read with same-day updates in both Japanese and English, via a website and an app.

This is gonna kneecap scanslation/pirate sites AND centralize the readerbase. Talk about shifting to accommodate a changing market!


Just a thought I wonder what orchestra instrument players think about video game music being a bigger part of their repertoire nowadays might be a fresh new look to these types of careers?

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