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I finished this mini project on the last day of the year :D

I've compiled all the drawings I did during Scotland travels in a zine and it's free for a week if you wanna grab it.
A little happy new year freebie for a better 2019!

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I haven't done anything for halloween, but inprnt is having some deals!
Code TREAT10 for 10% off and free shipping

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@AesAthena to an extent yeah. The main idea is to train your eye to recognise colours/values/ shapes without resorting to blending. It's similar to using gouache to paint bc you cannot blend in gouache. When you do this also dont colour pick.. That's just lying to yourself.

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mmm, part of an project that still needs lots of work. It's on shelf for now, will continue it later because there is a need to focus on different subject matter for now.

I'm not good at finishing projects unless they're for work, but I'm trying to make it a long term goal of mine to reasonably complete a small world of concepts on their own.

so i see that radioactive water japan thing being spread around and I invite peeps to do their own research on it b4 engaging in any hot takes. It has been covered 4 days ago already and has extremely clickbaity titles.

wow , young peeps on twitter are really looking for any reason to be outraged on this bird app. go look into things that can enact change meaningfully instead of engaging in online rage-isms imo.

Food for thought: why not spend energy bitching at the various platforms so they move to be 100% green AND actually benefit artists for all instead of whining at singular artists online? Too hard?

ok??? Now we're at the point where people are using g g tactics to attack other artists, esp women artists who are speaking up. Take a step back and recognise what they're doing. Death threats and calling for others to lose their jobs bc they support NFTs is a bad look.

hi new followers I'm not that active nowdays but I'll always be sharing cool stuff by others!

had to block a couple of peeps for thinking the petition is overblown. if you think garbage like this belongs in the games industry, think again.

Bloodborne anniversary! (I'll finish it once I get another monitor, I swear)

LRT: I aced my GCE Os and ended up being placed in Canadian high school where I was 2 years ahead of curriculum, still had to take 'English qualifying tests' when I entered Canada. They are biased against accents as well.

Interior Design Masters on Netflix is pretty interesting to look at

i can't believe this still has to be said but profiting off black pain and trauma is such a repulsive act and people shouldn't even be considering it. Likewise goes to pain from other marginalised communities

any good places to order plants online from in MTL/ Canada?

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