You can be non-binary no matter what your body looks like, no matter what your presentation is, whether or not you still feel some binary alignment (lots of non-binary people still associate with “male” and/or “female” in some way!), whether or not you’ve undergone medical, social, etc transition!

And if you’re non-binary you can consider yourself trans! You meet the criteria for what being trans means - your gender identity differs from your birth assignment.

Mh(-) and back on mastodon 

Not quite finished yet; would like to add some more objects and details and work more into the shadows :)

The pad is from paperchase and I have to give them credit - I've worked fairly heavily into this with watercolour pens and not a drop has gone through to the other side :o

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Haven't had much time for since I've been away for the past week and a bit, but here's a weird small isometric style house attempt xD

Attempting my first proper pixel art scene (apart from a quick go earlier with a mouse on a pc in and a mini sprite of a char like ten years ago) on my phone with a Macguyvered stylus 😂😂
All pixel drawing tips welcome as I'm a super noob and know nothing about it!

My attempt at day 2 of , tranquil :) I feel like it's too busy/messy but couldn't figure out how to resolve it!

I've never done before, so we'll see how this goes!

After a lot of thought I decided to look up poisonous mammals for the first prompt :) hopefully you can read the tidbits I put!

From n__n (longer explanations/details there)


In this instance she was having a 'moment' and wanted to play inside the little compartment there. You can see from the holes on the back wall that she's done it before ;)

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I say 'just', he actually (and Holly) does so much stuff it's hard to keep track of all their little quirks and preferences :3

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Angus just tends to make me simultaneously jealous of how comfy he looks and also go into baby gobbledygook language from the cute 😂

Holly loves to be upside down. Sometimes I think her tummy just gets too hot; sometimes I think she just needs to have an upside down moment. xD

Discovered fabric shavers for the first time XD bought a Phillips one that arrived yesterday because I have a hoodie I want to wear but the piling inside made it too scratchy :( Using the shaver on it made it 100x better already! Wearing it today and it's much more comfy :) now so see if it needs another pass, or if there's a way to fluff it up a little bit.

Any advice welcome! :D

Can't wait to resurrect more bobbly clothing :3

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Autism, questions, recommendations? 

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Autism, questions, recommendations? 

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