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The few pins so far on my bag. I intend to get more. Hopefully sooner than later.

I know two more should be on their way soon at least. Gonna be gooooood.

I won't be posting to other social media for a couple of days yet thanks to anxiety, so only posting to mastodon for now πŸ˜‚

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been preparing and saving up for a long long time for this, is a dream come true to finally design a pin 😭

I'm currently offering worldwide free shipping on them until I find my feet with all this :

Hi y'all! I have a and I am also currently trying to get surgery for my cat, Pacha, who is 9 and needs multiple tooth extractions and has bad gingivitis. The estimated given to me by the vet is $350, including cost of bloodwork, up to two extractions, antibiotics, and medications. She is my beautiful baby and I love her very much.
My kofi:

happy new year everyone, it's 2018 here now and I'm remembering some moments from over the last year.

I'd forgotten about this old physics bug that was a whole lotta fun

we had a lovely gold sunset just now

straight out of camera, havent edited any of these yet, still waiting for the RAWs to import

Support my friend's fabulous pin kickstarter! If you like amazingly designed and cute pins, this is for you!

The Egyptian Little Helper Kickstarter is live!

RT's are appreciated! β™₯️

currently making the cutest little snow-pigeon as a holiday skin for Pigeon Panic

(its an AR game for iOS where you chase pigeons

β˜†β΄ZINE❡ SEPTEMBIRB 2017 [PRE-ORDER] 12/3/2017 - 12/16/2017β˜†

If you enjoyed my art that came out of , then STRAP IN: SEPTEMBIRB 2017 zines are ready for pre-order, with a free bonus sticker included during the pre-order period of 12/3/2017 - 12/16/2017!


The pin I designed with everyone on my Patreon is up for pre-order in my shop! It will be a 2" hard enamel pin of a kirin with two variants, charcoal or teal, and if we get enough preorders I'll make a third variant! Pre-orders will be up until 11/12, any orders or boosts are greatly appreciated!

So @charlie designed a kitty and I unofficially claimed it as my witchy familiar

(I am a witch of scarves if nobody noticed)

*URGENT' -- HELP with dogs in BERLIN!

hey all,
i'm in berlin fostering three puppies, and i've had a death in the family yesterday and need to leave - and cant take them with me.

is there *anyone* who could take one for a week or so? i can provide a kennel for the night, food, local contact for emergency. please, please ask around... i'd be eternally grateful, and so would one of the baby girls!

please share this, and ping me here or on


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