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been preparing and saving up for a long long time for this, is a dream come true to finally design a pin 😭

I'm currently offering worldwide free shipping on them until I find my feet with all this :

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Drew in friend’s book.. went for the dead center bc he was indifferent as to where hehh

Omg thank you! And that is so cute, I absolutely love when couples get matching things, it is sooo sweet to see <3

I love how you can make art and it just like, exists, and it's in the world and people can continue to experience it and it's just like, divided from time and it's not an event or a conversation or something you have to be afraid you're missing out on

sorry I've been away from the internet for ages, but these little betta fish pins are finally readyyy

I've been pretty unwell and inactive for a few months, but I'm excited to get these little betta fish ready soon, hopefully in the next week if I can

Before I run away to cafe job, here are a few of my favorite photos from farmsitting for a friend: a highland cow and her highland/tibetan-yak offspring. Adored watching them. 💚

Hi all!

I recently got back to work on alpaca game and I've been restarting a lot of it from scratch. If anyone's interested in playtesting, I’ve got the build up here for PC or Mac:

If you can find the time to fill out the following survey after playtesting the build, I would super appreciate it! :3 It’s totally casual, answers can be as long or short as you like, and you can skip any questions too :

finally got these in the mail from @charlie and i love them so much!! i’m gonna gift one of these to a friend, but tbh they’re so beautiful i kinda wanna keep them both haha

@charlie :D They had some stickers too, oo, a few of them now adorn my laptop :3


Heads up, today is the last day for a little while that I can offer free shipping on the pins. After 7am EST it’ll roll over, making way for some changes,


Second batch of parcels are ready to be shipped out on Monday ~

I've been absolutely floored by the response and support from everyone, thank you so so much! It's been incredibly heartwarming and relieving to see how much love these little have gotten <3

At LEAST TWENTY BANANAS for these perfect, happy friends 😍

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