(Marked as sensitive for staring at the viewer)

The creature will remember this day.

Seems like a good time to bring back mi Go_A fanart from last years

Hi, I am doing a again! :coffee_mug:

I am Ypsilenna and I used to be a webcomic , but currently I am planning to switch to illustrated novels since is more of my thing now. I am a hobbyist character designer, I love creating new looks for my OCs!
I am self-taught and I love to learn new things.

I also love !

More art: ypsilenna.art
My Toyhou.se: toyhou.se/Ypsilenna

me in bed avoiding my silly little tasks (doodle based off a cat photo from twitter lol)

- -

Art can be anything!

But it should be *your* anything, y'know?

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Okay first post here! Hi I'm Bob and most of the time I'm doing ! Are there other comic or people out there?

rant about bird site 

so twitter is overflowing with bots that jump into people's DMs if someone writes sentences like "i want a commission" and it's seriously concerning :')

not only real artists get their art stolen or traced by bot owners, they even get ignored by potential clients unless one can tell apart genuine accounts from fakes

Just read this on another social platform and I like it :blobcatgiggle:

"Mastodon doesn't have a quote function at all. The argument is that people should talk with each other and not about each other."

Felt like doing something fun and colorful for this week’s prompt CHARM by my patron Warrick. If you can recognize the symbols you get a cookie!

Thank you, Warrick, for your support! 💖

#GuildWars2 #Charr #MastoArt #B3D

Finished this up over the weekend! My Sylvari Mesmer, Gwenledyr Arzhela 😊

Hey y'all!
I'm currently renting a room with my friend, but pretty soon I will have to move to a separate one and I need to buy a new mattress and some furniture that my friend was sharing with me.
Thus I open FIVE commission slots!
Any donations and boosts are welcome too. :boost_ok:

:lies_down: starstrider.carrd.co
:ko_fi: ko-fi.com/starstrider

Can you trap a galaxy in a crystal ball? I tried! Back in 2018 I took this image of the Milky Way through a crystal ball from ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile.

#astronomy #astrophotography

I'm really feelin the ART DRIVE with NOWHERE TO PUT IT!!!

A small comic page about... not being able to make comics?

🎮✨ the Nintendo series ✨🎮

More art backlog! this time a bit of colourful Nintendo nostalgia postcards/stickers. Some of my favourite pieces from the past years!

woke up feeling a lot of affection for my friends ❤️ i love them all

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