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nebu @chaoticnebu

hey is there more / players out there on masto? i want to follow more people interested in the game :0

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@chaoticnebu I've seen a few around, myself included.
My time for gaming has diminished after becoming a parent, though, so I don't really talk about it here.

@chaoticnebu was just thinking about getting into it yesterday, actually. how much of a time sink is it? I started playing warframe fairly recently and it's a lot tbh

@aeonofdiscord it depends on what you want to do in it. if you focus only on the main campaign it doesn't take long, but if you want to get yourself a cool armor and craft a legendary weapon, then it takes a lot of time

it also depends on your own rhytms. i play for both the campaign and the cool gear, but i only play an hour a day because i prioritize homework, hence i'm very slow compared to other players