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self-care is commissioning other artists to draw your OC when you don't have time to draw them yourself

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M78 is a reflection nebula in Orion. Reflection nebulae are usually bluish in colour because the particles in the nebulae are more efficient at scattering blue light than the other colours. #astrophoto

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Some fresh art of my werewolf, still tying to get in the habit of having an account here too

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it's been a long time since i drew any so here are my pod twins laesynn and syrcid

also time to get back on ! can't wait to get the new roller beetle

i haven't drawn rubiel in a while, i missed my pouting son

y'all i passed my exam at art school! now i'm free

time to draw lots of ocs

one fan cover and two pages for school (that i abandoned to focus on more recent school assignments) and a quick seluna sketch to wind down

i've never been this productive in my life. pressure sure does wonders

boy i can't wait to be free

i have finals in about 20 days and!! i'm dying of anxiety!!!

joke is that i'm extremely productive under pressure and i managed to ink two pages in a day but at what cost

me on tumblr: hey i'm opening chibi commissions bc i need the money but don't have time for complex art because i'm in the middle of finals and-


hey masto when will we have a toot-editing feature so i don't have to delete and rewrite my toots every time i spot a typo

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friendship ended with deviantart now mastodon is my best friend

people don't understand that just because they can't hold digital art in their hands, it's no good reason to devalue an artist's work. they forget that digital art holds in itself hours of work, years of experience and self-improvement, years of sacrifices to get where we are. they forget that we artists live with our work and if we drew complex illustrations for 5 euros, we might as well let ourselves starve to death.

if i had a cent for every time i hear people complain that artists ask too much for digital commissions, i wouldn't need to take commissions anymore.

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some jotun loki doodles, idk he looks good with a braid i guess