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self-care is commissioning other artists to draw your OC when you don't have time to draw them yourself

hey is there more / players out there on masto? i want to follow more people interested in the game :0

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my art teacher: you draw your oc too many times, try something different

me: looking at him straight in the eyes: *draws seluna with a slightly different hair style*

i spend most of my free time nerding on gw2 and being hyped about eurovision

what does drawing for fun even feel like?

school's almost over and things are more hectic than ever, so i don't spend much time online :(

i can't wait for it to be over, this year at art school hasn't been the best

i've been writing the same oc for 11 years can you believe it

i feel old

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there's no title written on that theater's header bc i still haven't decided what it should be haha

i'm dying of anxiety bc i'm behind with schoolwork but i still manage to enjoy what i produce so i'm okay 👌

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so i watched ready player one and i gotta say i really enjoyed it! kinda annoyed at the romantic subplot but then again i met my bf online myself haha

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Mastodon m.s notification sounds are so soothing and pleasant to me

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looking at the wiki to craft Nevermore like


i'm considering opening commissions for floating chibi heads bc i really need the money but i also don't have time to spend in complex art that isn't schoolwork :c

what do you guys think?