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🙂 I'm Champi. I never am confident at introducing myself. I share my creative works with the slight hope to brings positive thoughts to others by transmitting my feelings. I do my best to give as much as I receive from others.
Analog black and white photography is my main form of expression 😊

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This fetching picture of Gladys Cooper, one of the prettiest girls of her time, holding a veil between her gaze and ours shows the power of sheer fabric to adorn feminine beauty, power that is underappreciated in our time.

#art #photography #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl #veil #fashion

Synthesizer lovers out there 💌

I opened a Bandcamp, it was slightly exhausting to produce a video for every single music recorded.
From ambient to techno via french rap...
Hope you'll enjoy 🙂

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New here on the fediverse! Hello everyone! I have no idea who is gonna see this toot 0.o

Hello people :)
What video editing software would you guys recommend on GNU/linux? What are the pros and cons?

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#Polizeigewalt #fff #FridaysForFuture


Hessen 2020: Die schwarz-grüne Landesregierung geht mit Schlagstöcken gegen junge Demonstrant*innen vor, welche friedlich für den Erhalt des #dannibleibt kämpfen. FFF-Aktivist*: "Uns könnt ihr zusammenschlagen, aber mit der Klimakrise geht das nicht." #keinea49


In the meanwhile here is my last music. Not the one I'm the most proud of, but it was a good music to learn and practice the art of mastering. It's all about a buzzing synth sound 🎵

Hello dear friends of the Fediverse.
I actually don't know if it's relevant or not to post that kinda information. Just to say I haven't posted any photo or anything for a while. I just needed to get some time in the sun and out of social media. Most probably by the end of September I'll be more present. I wish you all a nice fun and warm end of summer :)

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