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Photo people, can any of you tell me if I can reliably use Flickr as host for a couple of hundred images for my personal website? Is that a thing I can do to avoid unnecessary dealing with a webhosting company?

Some techno-ish / ambient-ish music I did during the Quarantine time. Nothing serious I just got addicted to make sound with synthesizer and beat machine for the fun of it. I'm totally ignorant of music theory.
And some views over Porto and Gaia during that time when I had to go to the dentist 😬 It felt rather funny to see the Ribeira without any tourist.

The Master of Time πŸ•œ

At this moment I was thinking, that dog is Sam Beckett and he knows from Ziggy that for that moment, nothing is about to happen. Nothing at all, pure psycho-chilling moment.

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It's exam study time so I don't have much time to work on my photos.
Yesterday I took my synths out for a pause, and it turned out to sound very silly. But it made me laugh while playing it so I'm sharing it with you πŸ˜ƒ

Just a quick render of a particle system I did yesterday night. And a kinda ambient/industrial electronic music.

Laputa ☁️
The sky is so epic this spring here in Gaia. I would not be surprised to get a chance to glance at a castle in the sky.

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