Marija 🐢
A dog, in a bar. A bar in a train wagon. A train wagon from Yougoslavia and a dog from Portugal.

Only trains open up my imagination and drive me to fabulous destinations 🌴 πŸš‚ πŸŒ„

Petit, tout va bien πŸ‘
Si le monsieur dort dehors, c'est qu'il aime le bruit des voitures.

Serendipity & glitch πŸ’Ž
Some night I did not sleep enough, in the morning I was not able to operate my camera correctly... And tadam! I got a very nice glitchy double exposure.


I don't really know which photographs to pu on sell. So I upload different stuff to try.
Just uploaded few portraits of woman on my society6 shop.

If you've got some suggestion of what kinda photo you'd like to see for sale...
And a good Sunday to you all :da_dance:

- Nucleus
"Every teacher, every writer, every talker, every two friends who talked together constituted a potential primary nucleus in a renascent social system."

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