Laputa ☁️
The sky is so epic this spring here in Gaia. I would not be surprised to get a chance to glance at a castle in the sky.

Autumn in Portugal πŸ‚

This is a comparaison between what I could achieved in color correction using GIMP and Darktable.
This is a photo I like. I got a nice printout back in the days but the negative did not age that well before I could afford to get a scanner. I'm desperately trying to get the 1st result I got...

Walking to eternity in glittering sand ✨

Good night people. Now that I got to understand the logic of Darktable I'll stop with sunset photos 😊

Twilight sky over the ocean πŸ‹

Yet another sunset photo. They are easy compositions to mask and fun to play with the colors.

The Sun is going for a swim πŸŒ…

Another experiment using Darktable. And I may have gone slightly crazy with color zones...
What do you think of this?

Warm hearted smile 🎈
And that peculiar feeling of being welcomed on arrival of a journey.

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