Hi there, bien le bonjour, guten Tag 🙂
I'm a french guy struggling to find his place in Germany. I'm here to share mostly my analog black & white photos and sometimes musics or videos.

For curious persons I've got a shop on RedBubble:

On Society6:

A not so often updated Bandcamp:

And a Youtube:

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@champi willkommen!

You have nice photos?

Have you tried digital cameras? The Fujifilm cameras have very nice controls. The low light performance of new sensors is incredible!

@davidak Danke, well I hope I have some nice photos, but it probably depends on the opinion of the person watching them.
Yep I actually do own a fuji camera I received as a gift but I barely use it.
Somehow my photos are analo-digital because I scan the negative before working on the using GNUimp.

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