Hello people :)
What video editing software would you guys recommend on GNU/linux? What are the pros and cons?

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@champi Personnellement j’utilise Shotcut car j’apprécie la stabilité de ce logiciel même si ses fonctionnalités restent très basiques.

@merle Merci, justement j'avais mis de coté Shotcut parce qu'il plantait sans arret. J'ai choper la derniere version qui n'a pas planté une fois depuis quelques heures donc je vais reconciderer.

@champi It depends of how many features you need.

For basic cutting, I find Shotcut very reliable but becomes limiting when doing more involved edits.

Kdenlive seems to be the most feature rich of the native Linux apps with Olive being a close second.

If you need advanced editing and you don't mind a bit of fiddling Davinci Resolve, lite version, is free and if you are using a ubuntu/deb based system there's a tool to make it work (officially they only support CentOS).

@lps Thank you. I would have preferred to stay in the foss world. But davinci seems to be super powerful. Can you tell me about the limitations. Is there some format export limitations? Can one import image sequences easily?
I gave up on cinellerra especially because of the image import problem.

Yes Debian runs on my machine. Is this the correct tool?

@champi Yes that's right. I'm not sure about the image sequence import feature. I can test later today if you like... I'm not on Linux now:(

Don't forget about Blender, it accepts image sequences and allows you to export via the NLE since it uses ffmpg.

@champi also, know that Davinci is a bit of a resource hog. It works much better when you have a half decent video card, preferably Nvidia in my experience.

@lps Thank you that would be super nice of you to test the images sequence import.
I'm looking for a software to fine tune color correction of 16bits per channel png images sequences rendered using blender. Blender is just a pain in the a*** to edit video, it's ultra slow to playback and color correction is super cumbersome etc...
I'm running a 1080ti. I assume that would do the job?

@champi absolutely I use a 1660, that's a nice video card you have, I'm jealous;)

I agree about the Blender NLE, at least they're doing some work on it now.

As a quick test, you should really try Shotcut

@lps It's a nice card indeed. I won it on a contest. Unfortunately It's not stable anymore. I must underclock it pretty much and it still crashes quite often while rendering :/
Shotcut, I tried before and it was crashing so often that it was not usable. Seems that it improved a lot I had no crash during my test today.
That davinci software seems to be super powerful.
I'll give Olive a try too, thanks I never heard of it before.

@champi BTW they ask for an email to download Resolve but it accepts any, just so you know.

@champi If all you need is cutting, clipping and applying effects to a single clip then I've found avidemux to be very good :-)

Lightworks Studio has a free Version theres a .deb on the website wich installs nicely on ubuntu, dont know about Performance though

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