A new Holmes and Watson tale has started. You can add an email via the "contact" page on my site if you like - to be informed of further progress.

I think RSS will only work for blog posts there.



@tim Thanks :) Wel I dunno if email is a wise idea, I barely ever read them. Or maybe I could open an email just for that :)

Don't worry, I'll try and remember to message you here 😊

@tim Thanks, and every episode is a good way to practice my English. I had to listen some part several times last time :$

BTW, if you'd like to practice your spoken English in "real time", I'd be happy to help via your chosen form of voice messaging app. :)

@tim Wow super kind of you. I've gotta to study for a German exam in the beginning of July. But yes, definitely. As we french in french "ce n'est pas tombé dans l'oreil d'un sourd" :)

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