Dear :mastoart:
Is anyone interested in buying a handmade photographic print on baryta paper?
Here are some samples of my work in the darkroom.
Bonsoir Mastodon,
Acheter des tirages photographiques sur papier baryté, ça vous intéresse?
Tiré à la mains par mes soins dans la chambre noire.

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These are beautiful! How much do they cost?

@Jordbruket Thank you 😊
I sold the bridge for 40€ +7€ shipping inside EU.
The ocean is the same size 30*40cm so 40€ as well.
The stencil of V for Vendetta is smaller 23*29. But it's a gold toning that gives the blueish tint. So I would sell it for for 45€.
The sleeping cat is 20*29cm 30€. I also have a version of the cat with black surrounding same size (slightly bigger because of the black) same price.
I also have a non-toned version of V for Vendetta so 30€.
And many others if you're curious.

Nice! I really liked the picture of the cat!

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