💨 Still mesmerized by smoke simulation in . This time I've tried to make a kinda heavy thick smoke, still rendered.

@champi That's a very particle-ar smoke...


@JoKeR You're very good at making the drum-joke noise :p

@champi oh, you charmer.

But to get btt:
That Smoke looks like dry ice. Not very floaty.
It could be used for some swamp ambient effect. Someone walking through that could look interesting.

@JoKeR Yep that's good news. That s the effect I was trying to achieve. For the moment I'm struggling at modeling an anvil.. so a character is for later... unfortunately.

@JoKeR btw I ve rendered an animation of that. Ill publish it with all my learning renders later on 😉

@champi seeing it in action would certainly look cool.

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