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Hello people 😊
It is with a great pride mixed with shyness that I can make this announcement to you all.
If you like my photos and would like to hang on of them on a wall. I finally opened a few shops.

For digital prints:
🐠 INprnt

🐟 Fine Art America:

For handmade old-school silver-print
:mona_kiss: Etsy:

I don't have much time lately. So I haven't GIMPED any photo at all.
And no fun, I'm kinda struggling (to say the least) on that Andrew Price's anvil. I can say I'm slow at modeling 😊
I'll publish a video with all my renderings after that exercise...

- Bros 4 life 🤝

Et par Générosité, j’entends le Désir par lequel chacun, sous la seule dictée de la raison, s’efforce d’aider les autres hommes et de se les lier d’amitié.

- Fiat lux et facta est lux 🌩️
Dieu ne fut pas avant ses décrets, et sans eux ne peut être.

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@art @staticsafe Thanks mates for all the boosts. It brings me a smile and a nice feeling 😃 It is very appreciated as those days/months are quite difficult for me 🌹

- Fruity skin 🍓
I suppose that one is the one I prefer... For the moment I'll probably change my mind in 2 minutes 😆

- Soft skin -
It's always the hardest part for me, when I've got 2 images almost identical. Which one should I work on? Which interpretation would enlighten the feeling I'd like to express with this image?

🌊 weekend fun. Equally as fun as smoke simulation. I just discovered the fluid simulation. I'm getting completely addicted to that "physics" tab of that great piece of software.
...I should model something else than that light bulb 😊

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I'm still struggling to pay my rent (and food) this month, I didn't think I'd have to ask again but heh capitalism.
Sooo if you want to help you can either:
- buy something from my shop
- support me on ko-fi
- boost this toot
Thanks a lot 💙

💨 Still mesmerized by smoke simulation in . This time I've tried to make a kinda heavy thick smoke, still rendered.

- parallel & curvatures 🖇️

From the time when I was living on the last used metric gauge train of Portugal.

- Silhouette 🦋

Back to black & white photography. The most difficult work is to select the ones which are worth being displayed... Or maybe to go over my shyness to share my perception of the world.
Bonne nuit à tous 🌔

- Albert, The Art book 📖

It was a one year work with a friend... Was a pretty hard year to be honest (we were sleeping at school even on weekends). Unfortunately it ended with an unfinished movie...

Today I took myself back to the past and found all the files and uploaded them to INPRNT. You might find some interest at giving them a look 👀

Now it's time for me to sleep, good night everyone 🌕

- Amour ❤️
I wish you all a happy Valentine's day. Even if it's kinda the first one I spend not alone and I'm rather uncomfortable with that day...

And if you're looking for a kiss to hang on your wall

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