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Hello world πŸ™‚
I'm Benjamin Fauvel, I'm a french photographer.
If you like my work, you might consider support me.

πŸš‚ Prints on INprnt:
🐳 Prints & merch on Society6:
πŸ¦„ Prints & stuff on FineArtAmerica:
:patreon: Patreon(the only way to get handmade silver print):
:paypal: Tip jar:

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Hello people :mastoart:
I'm going through a moment of doubtful thoughts.
So well, I've been playing with my synthesizer and with Eevee. Here is the result

In order to get my room warmer I've made some rendering using Blender.
They 're both what I came up with following tutorials from Andrew Price.
The normal mapped Anvil.

Petit, tout va bien πŸ‘
Si le monsieur dort dehors, c'est qu'il aime le bruit des voitures.

Ars longa, vita brevis,
occāsiō praeceps,
experīmentum perīculōsum,
iΕ«dicium difficile.

Life is short, and art long,
opportunity fleeting,
experimentations perilous,
and judgment difficult.

Dear :mastoart:
Is anyone interested in buying a handmade photographic print on baryta paper?
Here are some samples of my work in the darkroom.
Bonsoir Mastodon,
Acheter des tirages photographiques sur papier barytΓ©, Γ§a vous intΓ©resse?
TirΓ© Γ  la mains par mes soins dans la chambre noire.

πŸŽ„ Christmas is coming πŸŽ…
Hello people of :mastodon: maybe for your Christmas gifts you'd also like to help a photographer struggling to pay his rent and bills?

Society6 has some discount going on

And I've created the promo code NVVIEMYG , 20% off on my InPrnt gallery

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Black & white sunday.
Hello :mastodon: I received an email from INPRNT informing me that one can get a 15% off using the code:

As I am lately as reactive as a snail, there is only a few hours left. And haven't sold a single print on that website anyway 🀣

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Here's a poem I wrote last year called "A.I Rain"


"There's an A.I encoded, and floating
through the skies, in particles of water
in rain drops and ice."


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