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Hello people 😊
It is with a great pride mixed with shyness that I can make this announcement to you all.
If you like my photos and would like to hang on of them on a wall. I finally opened a few shops.

For digital prints:
🐠 INprnt

🐟 Fine Art America:

For handmade old-school silver-print
:mona_kiss: Etsy:

- I've never seen anything saddest than this.
Maybe my Parisian background saved me from that... I don't know.
It gave me the shakes and scared the shit out of me to realize that nazis still exist.

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Fun fact, The macdonald at the end of the square has been untouched...

- Революція гідності 🇺🇦
The independence square in Kiev 5 months after the revolution.

Weekend fun.
All the render tests of volumetric smoke, clouds & particle systems I did during winter (it helped to keep my room warm).
Also featuring shiny anvil 😜
A 12 minutes video on a jam session recorded with some friends.

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Y'all are always so supportive so I thought I'd do a giveaway ✨
Win an enamel pin AND this original watercolor!
Boost & follow to enter
Ends on april 10th

You can also buy the pins here:

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One of the shots also featured in our review video, starring the amazing Judith, in front of the camera for a change:
#photography #mastoart #photo #photographer

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