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Hello world πŸ™‚
I'm Benjamin Fauvel, I'm a french photographer.
If you like my work, you might consider support me.

πŸš‚ Prints on INprnt:
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Let's wonder on a path in the middle of Brazil.
In the mountains of Minas Gerais ⛰️ where horses often walk freely.

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24/#365 @RampantPanda

working process 😊
my first jellyfish an my first use of masking fluid.
unfortunately at some parts the paper got ripped of with the mask but i guess its a matter of experience how to use.

happy for advice an experience sharing πŸ€“

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Humankind's best friend 🐢

He arrived like Sam Beckett, he leaped in our time for just a day. We've never seen him before and never saw him again after.

Thinking about life... 🚣
...being glad just to have fresh air and everything is wonderful for just that moment, before returning into the own room again and continuing to live daily life kind of like always. But the memory stays.


Serendipity & glitch πŸ’Ž
Some night I did not sleep enough, in the morning I was not able to operate my camera correctly... And tadam! I got a very nice glitchy double exposure.


Hey welcome back mastodon.
How are you guys doing?

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Hello Mastodon πŸ‘Ύ
It's Summer Sale on Steam, so I've been thinking... Maybe would be nice to make a Champignon's Summer Sale as well 😎
You can get 25% off during 30days on any of my photos on both INprnt and Fine Art America.

INprnt code: EDR0WZ

Fine Art America code: HSGHKA

See you in a week and have a great summertime πŸ–οΈ

Locked Love πŸ”’
Another photo from my first steps in photography. Also the beginning of my friend's first steps in Tango.

Arabesque πŸ’ƒ
Yet another photo of my sister dancing. I was making my first steps in photography using my mother's camera. I hope I did not moonwalk since then πŸ•Ί

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