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jáa everyone! not new to mastodon but i am to this server, it's good to be back!

i'm a lesbian ndn illustrator, comic artist, poet, and storywriter! i have a webcomic ( and i make various zines (;
on my website ( you can find commission info, a full portfolio and other social media i'm on. i'm excited to be here!

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Job alert!

Hi! I'm looking for QUEER POC illustrators, especially black, brown, trans and non binary artists who have editorial/fashion illustration experience. This is for a PAID project. Please tag/retweet/link portfolios etc. Thank you! 🧡"

Trying something new, so here's a quick study from last night

speaking of it not being sunday... my webcomic catlamp just updated and y'all should check it out!! chapter 4 just kicked off!

low energy day 😔 hope everyone is having a good sunday!

fedi suggestion:

if you are seeking an artist to commission, consider using #lookingforartist as a tag for that

if you're looking for artist submissions to zines and similar projects, maybe use #callforart

artists of the fedi, consider making a tab just for those tags so you can easily browse for opportunities

search on here works best with hashtags so it'll make things easier for everyone

#mastoart #art #commissions

My dog is with my parents and this guy is temporary allowed in 3 rooms.

Furry culture is referring to your fursona as both a separate entity and as yourself interchangeably

En ce moment je prépare un gros scénario pour Loup-Garou : L'apocalypse, voici deux rêves prémonitoires pour un de mes PJ chaman. Ça va être fun quand il tentera de les interpréter x)
D'ailleurs pour ceux qui connaissent ce jdr, libre à vous de vous creuser la tête :p

The wolf is finished! I took a break from making him and only fully painted him today. Pictures taken just before he was sent off to my aunt as a gift.

i contacted support this morning but 🙄 it's the acct where i have the most reach so it really sucks. i'm not super worried yet bc i've made a minor infraction before and they restored my account when i contacted them, so i'm uh... hopeful that this will also be the case. social media support is always a nightmare though so. corporate social media sucks, as it turns out

i didnt realize tumblr had been bought from yahoo finally, i logged on just now and saw everyone mentioning tumblr and thought news had somehow broken of my tumblr account being kind of ridiculously terminated

the buff teal-purple fur is cerberus! he's a tiger-wolf hybrid, and i designed hym i think about last year and have been using hym since! not depicted are the two skull heads he can summon on hys shoulders, hence "cerberus". :p

the orange one is my dragonsona, doesn't have a name yet but he was based off of various animals that are important in haida culture (like sgaana, killer whale) or just general pnw / alaska wildlife.

here's also an obligatory post about my fursona(s)! :3 more sketches / some info about them in the replies shortly

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