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jáa everyone! not new to mastodon but i am to this server, it's good to be back!

i'm a lesbian ndn illustrator, comic artist, poet, and storywriter! i have a webcomic ( and i make various zines (;
on my website ( you can find commission info, a full portfolio and other social media i'm on. i'm excited to be here!

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psa for other white folks 

We need your support to give continuity to two years of cultural, social, and activism activities in favor of the Trans * community in Mexico. CC Jauría Trans * helps us grow as a community and combat violence and the lack of opportunities we face every day.

sorry for the lack of uploads! school started and I'm working on some stuff but I had some freetime today so I drew some sonics.

i'm definitely interested in redirecting my creative energy toward more like, comics and zines and narrative projects instead of just churning out drawings which was a big part of it. i have some really exciting ideas that i'm eager to share with everyone as i develop them!! 🎉

lately i've been reorganizing my time to draw only when i'm inspired to, instead of just having my art program open and forcing myself to draw constantly to fulfill some kind of "quota" and i feel really really good. i'm putting out art maybe once a week or every two weeks and u know what? that's fine

i keep not being able to insert image descriptions into pictures? :/ i wonder if other people are having that too or if i missed an announcement about a change

i caught a shiny sandshrew on pokego a few days ago and was so excited that he was green... so i drew a bunch of green shiny pokes together

submitting my portfolio to a bunch of different projects and zines is exhausting and kind of... embarrassing? but i'm trying to take myself more seriously and really get my work out there these days

it's not letting me add an image desc for some reason, so here:

[id: a painting of two sticks of tanghulu, which is a traditional Chinese snack that's basically candied fruits on a stick. on the stick on the left are brightly painted whole strawberries, orange slices, and a kiwi slice, and on the right stick are three whole strawberries & one is cut into, revealing a cross-section. the background is sort of mint / turquoise. /id]

i recently watched a youtuber i like make tanghulu and it just looked so pretty that... yeah 🍊🍓🥝✨

Day 11. Snow. With the prompt snow I will admit I started whistling the song Snow by Loreena McKennitt it's one of my favourite songs. Winter is my favourite time of year, I love snow and the transformation in the landscape as the natural world sleeps. This speed sketch of a snowy landscape is inspired by winters spent in Yorkshire with friends.

Drawn with Pentel Pocket brush pens in black and grey (model XGFKP/FP10)

my life lately has just been minecraft & allergies. in arizona there is no autumn, merely video games and allergies season

I did an art trade with @silverseams and got a little space dragon 💙 the eyes have a really pretty color!

Le fruit de la journée blobcat !

Je vends des blobcats comme ça pour 30€
Chat non fourni

RT appréciés !

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