@welshpixie you know that calligraphy you did for me? My coworker wrote on it "Nice Powerthirst reference" today

I may have mentioned that Daria Kolosova is one of my favorite DJs - maybe I'll try drawing a picture of her as practice with drawing people!

also at the writing workshop yesterday, one of the other writers screenshared his computer, and I swear there were about 100 browser tabs open. I would lose track!

I had an amazing writing workshop last night over Zoom, and one of my friends who is transgender is making part of her story into a play. I felt honored to hear the first draft of fit!

my poetry has been kind of dark lately, but I guess that's understandable!

a nuclear future hovering over
the resplendent air, sleeping
without sound.
in the orangeness of morning,
waiting with heartbeats in tandem,
the atmosphere hums.
in the distance,
a burst.

I'd like to draw some of the characters that are on the "Little Soul" music videos

OK, I have got to stop being self-conscious about my drawings of people and just share them on here! 😆 (if I don't practice how I will get better?)

Just posted this on mstdn.social and thought I'd share the love here too! The original is on the right if you want to participate!

it's music sharing day, I guess - maybe I'll share some of my own soon

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I also like this DJ, Daria Kolosova, who is from Ukraine: youtu.be/0oB97YhEukw - maybe it's because my father's side of the family is from there :da_grin:

I also love this song of theirs, "All Mine" youtu.be/snK2ArJLfhM - know it has the watermark on it, but for some reason YT loves to take down that song in particular 🤷‍♀️

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I'm glad some other people like this! Portishead is one of my favorite bands, even though they only play live once in a blue moon.

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y'all might inspire me to do some lewd stuff (CW'd of course) tee hee

maybe I should make a new twitch account I deleted it when the big data leak happened

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