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Hi!! I'm Cat (she/her) and I'm a self-taught freelance artist!
I love drawing girls cause I'm 🌈super gay🌈 and girls are amazing! I really want to draw a lesbian-centric comic one of these days 😊

Gift art for a organized by elissinia & thewitchiness @ twt! OCs belong to ichigogoooooooo @ twt 😊

I'm exhausteddd but I'm so close to finishing my queue! Just... a little more... 😣 💦 💦

🍬🌸☁️ — raffle prize for muoy!!!  I did this forever ago and forgot to post jflkd

🔮💖💫 — sketches of my new oc Opal! she's a super gay wildren and I love her ;u;

HI guys!  Sorry I haven't posted in a while;; I got HORRIBLY sick with the flu for most of March, & then super bummed abt falling behind on work (thank you again to my kind and patient patreons & clients qwq)
I'm feeling alright now tho!  I got a bunch of stuff I need to post but I'm glad to be back in working condition!  To celebrate here's 2 comfort of a new sona 💕

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It's too cold to get out of bed but I gotta! 😩

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If you boost this picture of my cat, then others will have the pleasure of viewing it

@catkaiju ugh I just wanna draw these cuties all day 😩
I still have to name them but I'm terrible at naming OCs djsjdjd

🖤💖 — UMBREON & ESPEON ARE GIRLFRIENDS!!!  I love them I'm gonna make them OCs 😢💕
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cw: shameless bikini armor cause I'm gay 

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