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Hi!! I'm Cat (she/her) and I'm a self-taught freelance artist!
I love drawing girls cause I'm 🌈super gay🌈 and girls are amazing! I really want to draw a lesbian-centric comic one of these days 😊

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🖤❤️🍒🌹 — for nich0lael @ twt!!!  ugh I LOVE Eddie's ocs SO DAMN MUCH 😭💖💕

🎨 2018 art improvement summary thingy!!! I think I did okay, but I'd like to improve a lot more this year!
⭐️ 2019 Art Resolutions: draw comics, draw more backgrounds, and do more personal art! (More than, like, none at all LOL)

*cracks knuckles* TIME TO DRAW SOME GAY GIRLS

Checking the wlw tag and finding my own post from December like 10 posts down fsjdljf WHERE IS THE WLW CONTENT... GIMME...

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One of the peculiarities of :mastodon: is the lack of text search.

This is actually beneficial! It makes it harder for trolls to search for words or phrases for the purposes of harassment. But the con of this is that it makes it difficult for people to discover your public posts.

That's where hashtags come in! Hashtags are fully searchable/subscribe-able between federated instances, So if you want your art/comics/musings to be seen, hashtags are the best way to reach a specific audience!

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hey! i could really use some help in these times, so doodle sheet commissions are open! :~)
$30 for one big character and 2-3 little ones - dm me here or fill out this form on my site to get in on it :v) thank u!
👉 👈

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trying figure out how i'd like my angery drow bard to look like....

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pieces i did for a food centered zine! some tradiotional dishes and snacks from my hometown in portugal🤤

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