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I'm garbage at posts but here we go!

I'm Catherineese and I'm an illustrator, fiber artist, and a practitioner of witchcraft 🌟

I'm currently working on Altar of Pine, a comic about a fisherman and the accidental descent into his own occult practice. The comic is NSFW 18+ , so expect gore,nudity, and sexual content!

I'm going to try and be fairly active here on Mastodon, but you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram:

Finished another commission for a friend! My OC Marduk in his full captain's regalia and his OC, Banukah, probably arguing over something.

All 5 slots are back open!

The power company for our state has been giving people really fishy, stupid high bills for a while now and this is the second time we've been smacked with one. We've called, and they insist it's *OUR* fault, so we have no choice but to pay since. Well. They're the only one in the state.

So to help ease the stress on my partner for this new $391 bill, I'm opening more varied commission types. 5 slots are open!

Freelance is going to be slowing down soon so now's a perfect chance to grab a slot!

Let me draw your good good OCs! πŸ’–

" Nah I. I really don't got anything for this anthology ahahaha"

" You...You practice *necromancy* what do you *mean* you 'don't got anything' "

...mastodon why are you giving me the tutorial on how to use your site NOW?

I'm going to end up getting more witchcraft books aren't I

Was VERY excited to see I have enough in my bank to get myself a birthday gift


I'm so used to not being able to treat myself to anything I never take note of things I want asjhdfl;ssdfghjkl

Birthday stream is OVER so have the sketch page I worked on while answering questions!

One day I'll remake the comic this OC of mine is from


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