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I'm garbage at posts but here we go!

I'm Catherineese and I'm an illustrator, fiber artist, and a practitioner of witchcraft 🌟

I'm currently working on Altar of Pine, a comic about a fisherman and the accidental descent into his own occult practice. The comic is NSFW 18+ , so expect gore,nudity, and sexual content!

I'm going to try and be fairly active here on Mastodon, but you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram:

I've reworked my entire patreon page, now there is a $1 tier Gets You Everything and a $100 goal for patron-only streams!

At least my partner's pressure pot came in so I can pLAY

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Still gonna use it tho, it IS just for practice afterall πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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I went to pour a test mold for a D20 so I could just practice sanding/polishing/using resin in general and unfortunately the silicone that was *supposed* to cure in like 45 minutes started to as I was pouring it due to the heat- so now there's so many bubbles and an uneven surface uuuuuugh

Sandpaper I ordered finally came in so now it's tIME TO MAKE SOME DIIIIICE 😎

Never thought I'd be livetweeting a comic called Dick Fight Island but here we are πŸ˜‚

"comicad network will be a great idea" I said

"pasting code into the site will be super easy" I said

queue me sitting and sobbing at the desk cuz I can't even figure out WHERE the code needs to go

Altar of Pine has an update today, and it is FINALLY THE DAY FOR
🌟 HIM🌟


I hate that I have to keep rushing pages out thanks to burnout BUT on the small positive side I've gotten a lot better at being able to ink straight from loose scribbles instead of spending hours on just the sketch

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