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I'm garbage at posts but here we go!

I'm Catherineese and I'm an illustrator, fiber artist, and a practitioner of witchcraft 🌟

I'm currently working on Altar of Pine, a comic about a fisherman and the accidental descent into his own occult practice. The comic is NSFW 18+ , so expect gore,nudity, and sexual content!

I'm going to try and be fairly active here on Mastodon, but you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram:

pls help ur indie faves we love you and we're v tired

2 PAGES DONE (other than speech bubbles, I really need to be more coherent for those) AND NOT EVEN 24 HOURS YET AAAAAAAAAA

So far so good, this week's page is done so I just need to paint 1 more before I reach the goal. (Started at 9 am this morning going until 9 tomorrow )

Going to try my hand at 24 hour comic day again, only this time I'll just be working on AoP pages.

If I can get 1 page added to the buffer it'll be a success in my book.

I FINALLY get to share that the complete collection of Blanco will be published by Iron Circus Comics (they announced today on twitter!). I'm so excited, and it comes at the perfect time as Blanco resumes updates tomorrow at noon. I'll still be sharing and posting it every Friday as I work on finishing the book ❀️

I'm going to be having my first batch of adoptables up for bidding tomorrow!

I will be maintaining comment threads on both Twitter and FA for most recent bids!


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