Feeling excited by the work I've been doing on my laser! The measurements were off this time around (I don't know how that happened, I really don't know how I can miss this stuff), but the designs look really good! Having heavier cardboard really makes the difference.


Joaquim Mir (1873 - 1940) – Painter (Spanish) Born in Barcelona. Died in Barcelona. Details of artist on Google Art Project

The various tarot cards I made for Pixeljoint's tarot collab. Was fun researching into the card meanings! ⚔️

I was working all day today and didn't have time to make my 4 drawings for the agenda.. hopefully that doesn't set me back.

Also, I started doing gesture drawings and feel so insecure doing art self-study... there're so many variables with illustration, and I'm afraid of getting bad habits..

I'm hoping to join an art study group so that I can get some constructive criticism..

Today I worked on the Agenda I'm designing for next year, the topic of which are iron window ornaments. In Caracas, where I'm from, a lot of older buildings have different ornaments in the gates and windows. I've basically collected a bunch and am going to laser cut some pages to appear as though the were "windows", having drawings underneath of the typical things people have in their windows.

It's exciting, but also makes me anxious bc my drawing skills still leave a lot to be desired...


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