I'm enjoying Mastodon so far, but there's one or other feature I really miss. So I cobbled a couple of userscripts together to add them!

Userscripts are client-side modifications can be used through browser extensions like Grease / Violentmonkey. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to alter the //@match if you're not at .art.

I'm going to throw everything related into this thread so it's easily mutable because I bet you didn't expect to see this kind of geeking coming from a random art profile! 🙃

✨ Automatic Post Privacy:

I sorely miss the ability to draft and preview toots. The closest we got is posting them as mentioned people-only then redrafting.

Meanwhile, I'd also love to control the default privacy of replies... thus this thing was born.

It just auto-clicks your way to the desired privacy. It has a smart mode for replies to not replace stricter modes like mention with more public ones.


@camilabrun super cool, thank you! i've installed them both and they work great. and hey, we artists are a talented bunch, it's super cool that you have these kinds of skills!

@camilabrun Why not add your changes to the official code? Mastodon folk are very friendly. PRs are usually welcome! Not sure if you're missing context, but the screenshots I showed are of Calckey/Misskey, not Mastodon. Masto isn't the only software on the Fediverse...


**I can't hear you!** 😜

But joke aside, I'd like to have this feature in FE of all fediverse platforms.

@thatonecalculator I have yet to take a look around, but I'm hoping there's someplace where devs take suggestions of features like this. I wouldn't trust myself to actually code them, but proofs of concept like these are relatively simple.

Agreed, already able to achieve this functionality (and more) using hubzilla

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